100+ Cuckold stories on the inside. Both from a female and male perspective. The one below is a classic and one of our favorites from a female perspective.

My husband Matt became a cuckold during the week of our first anniversary.
We got married during our senior year in college. Neither of us were very worldly. We went to a small liberal arts college in the Midwest. We started dating when we were sophomores.
We made love for the very first time exactly one year to the day after our first date. Both of us were virgins.
Sex for both of us was less than spectacular. Matt is not particularly well endowed. His penis is about five inches.
I don't think that would have mattered so much if he hadn't been a one time wonder. Matt was good for one erection a night. When he was done fucking me, he would roll over and immediately fall arelax. Unfortunately, I was usually just starting to get excited when he was finishing.
Sex quickly became a source of frustration for me. I turned into one of those women who viewed intercourse as a duty rather than a pleasure.
About five months after we were married our sex life had a small awakening. Matt's best friend Michael was getting married. Matt was in charge of the stag party. He rented several sex movies.
The stag party was held on Friday night. Matt rented the tapes on Thursday. Matt also bought two bottles of tequila and some Margarita mix for the party.
After dinner Thursday night Matt and I decided to try making some margaritas. We weren't big takeers. We both had two. After the second round of margaritas were feeling pretty loose.
I saw the sex tapes. I told Matt that I wanted to watch one. We picked out a movie called "Women in Heat."
Matt and I sat together on the couch and watched the movie. It was an awakening for me. In the first scene a very macho guy went down on this woman. I watched in awe as he drove her wild with his tongue.
I knew about oral sex, but I'd always dismissed it as dirty. I don't really know what got into me, but I turned to Matt and asked if he'd ever thought about doing that.
Matt just smiled at me and enthusiastically nodded his head up and down.
I quickly pulled my jeans and panties down. For the next half hour my husband licked my cunt. while I watched the movie.
After a few minutes the woman in the movie started sucking the guys cock. His cock was huge. It was about the same size as a flashlight. As I watched, I realized that I was envious of the woman in the movie. The idea of sucking a great big cock was suddenly very appealing. I closed my eyes while Matt licked my pussy and imagined what it would be like to suck a cock that big.
The size of the guys cock was a surprise, but the real shock came when the man started fucking the woman. He kept fucking her for at least twenty minutes. I never imagined that was possible. Matt had never managed to last more than a minute when he was fucking me.
I had my first orgasm that night. It was amazing. I screamed so loud that Matt actually got scared.
Once I managed to regain my composure I asked Matt if he wanted me to return the favor. It was like asking a puppy if he wanted a cookie. Matt could barely contain himself, he was so excited.
We switched places so he could watch the movie while I sucked his cock. He lasted about a minute. I guess that shouldn't have been a surprise, but I was still disappointed. I wanted to be able to experiment a little.
Matt's orgasm also ended the evening. As soon as he came he lost interest in playing anymore games.
We went to bed. Matt instantly fell arelax. I laid awake for quite awhile thinking about everything that had happened. I was excited. It was like whole new world was opening up for me.
I was also kind of frustrated. Matt wasn't exactly a sexual dynamo. The dvd movie had opened my eyes to the real pleasure that sex could bring to a permister.

I really didn’t know what to do. I loved my husband, cheating on him was out of the question. I spent the last few minutes before I fell arelax that night pondering that problem. As I fell arelax I realized I was being silly. I'd just had the most wonderful sex of my life. I actually had an orgasm.
My parents had always taught me to be thankful for the things I was given. That night I was given the gift of oral sex. I decided to be thankful for what I had.

Our sex life caught fire. Matt and I went from making love once a week to making love five or six nights a week. I will grant you that it was a little different. Our sessions usually lasted about an hour. Matt spent the first 58 minutes licking my pussy. I spent the last two minutes sucking his cock. We stopped having intercourse
We built up a nice collection of sex movies and got a DVD player and a television set for our bedroom. I loved lying on my back watching a stud with a great big cock fuck a beautiful woman while my husband licked my pussy.
Life was good, but about three months later it got even better.
One night we had dinner with Matt's parents at a fancy downtown restaurant. On our way home we happened to pass by a local sex emporium. I asked Matt if we could stop. I wanted to look for some more sex movies.
Their selection was wonderful and I picked out two movies that looked interesting.
When I was bringing the movies to the checkout counter I spotted a very realistic looking rubber cock. It had to be at least ten inches long. It was expensive, but I didn't care. I had to have it.
I asked Matt if he'd buy if for me. He did. Matt never said no to me.
As soon as we got home I dragged Matt into the bedroom. He put one of the new movies into the DVD player while I opened the rubber cock. I was amazed when I got it out of the package. The rubber it was made of actually felt like skin.
I put it in my mouth. I couldn’t help myself.
Matt laughed and reminded me that I should probably wash it first.
I handed it to him and asked him if he'd do it for me. I really don't know why, but the idea of making Matt wash the cock and get it ready for me got me even more excited.
That night was another major turning point for us. Matt fucked me with the rubber cock while he licked my pussy. I had the most intense orgasm of my life. The rubber cock immediately became a regular part of our love making.
We quickly developed a new routine. We'd always start by putting in a movie. I'd lie on the bed and watch the movie while my husband ate my pussy. I'd let Matt get me really excited then I'd tell him to push the big rubber cock into my cunt and fuck me with it. I was learning to talk dirty from the sex movies.
When I was so excited that I couldn't stand it anymore, I'd tell my husband to lick my clit while he fucked me with the cock. I’d have an orgasm within minutes.
I always ended our session with a blow job for Matt. It was kind of an after thought for me. I learned exactly what I had to do to get him off quickly. I could usually make him cum in less than a minute.
Sometimes after we made love I felt guilty. Matt was now spending as much as two hours pleasuring me, and I was reciprocating with about a minute of attention for him. I always shrugged it off. My husband seemed to love our sex sessions and he never complained about them being so one sided. If he was content, I didn't see why I should worry about it.
About a month after we bought the cock something happened that started a dramatic change in our sex life.

I was of course having wonderful fantasies while Matt was fucking me with the cock. I quickly started to imagine that I had a boyfriend. He was a huge macho man who could fuck for hours. I don't know why, but in my fantasies he was an older man.

Every time I told my husband to fuck me with the rubber cock I dreamed that my "boyfriend" was pushing his cock into me. This was a very secret fantasy. I didn't dare tell my husband about this. I was terrified that I'd hurt his feelings.
One night it slipped out. I was watching a movie with a very distinguished looking middle aged man in it. Matt got me nice and hot with his tongue. I was even more aroused than usual. I intended to tell him to push the rubber cock into me, only I didn't say that. Instead, I told him that I was ready for my boyfriend.
We both stopped and stared at each other. Neither of us said anything for a moment.
I was about to start apologizing when Matt smiled at me and told me that he would tell him that I was ready for him. I nearly had an orgasm when I heard him say that.
Matt jumped right into the game. As he pushed the cock into me he told me that my boyfriend was very big. He asked me where I met him.
Matt and I were both going to graduate school. I told him that he was one of the professors at school.
This was only a partial fantasy. I did have a crush on one of my professors. I suppose this was why I always imagined that my boyfriend was a middle aged man.
As Matt was fucking me with the cock he asked me how long I'd been seeing him.
I told him that we'd been dating for month. It was a month ago that we bought the cock.
He asked me how often we had sex.
I told him five or six nights a week.
He asked me what my boyfriends name was.
I told Matt his name was Richard. This really was the professors name.
For a little while Matt didn’t say anything. He just slowly fucked me with the cock. It was obvious that he was thinking about all of this. I was starting to get nervous that he was mad at me.
Finally he asked me if my husband knew I was having an affair.
I nodded my head and told him that he just found out.
How does he feel about it?
I'm not sure, but I think it excites him.
Matt looked at me. After a moment he admitted that it did.
I was so excited that I was ready to burst. I told Matt to lick my clit.
s soon as he touched me with his tongue and I had an orgasm.
I gave Matt his blowjob. This time when I was done he didn't roll over and go to relax. I was glad. I wanted to assure him that all to this was just a fantasy.

When I told him that, he asked me if I wanted it to just be a fantasy.
I thought for a little bit. Finally I threw the question back at him and asked if he just wanted it to be a fantasy.
He smiled and told me that he wasn't sure.
I told him that until both of us were sure, it was better to leave it as a fantasy.
He agreed.
We quickly developed a little fantasy story to go with our love making sessions. I also started to take increasing control of the sessions.
After dinner we generally cleaned the kitchen together. When we were done, we'd sit at the dining room table and study. We were both working on our masters degrees.
About nine I would close my books and tell Matt that Richard was coming over tonight. I would then instruct my husband to take his evening shower and get the bedroom ready for Richard and me.
When Matt was done in the shower, I'd take my evening shower. Matt was expected to have everything ready by the time I finished showering and walked into the bedroom.
A movie was supposed to be playing on the television, the bed covers were supposed to be turned down and Matt was expected to be to be sitting on the edge of the bed naked. My husband wasn't allowed to lie on the bed until Richard was done fucking me.
I would lie down on the bed and watch the movie for a few minutes while Matt sat on the edge of the bed. A very subtle dominant submissive relationship was developing between Matt and me and both of us were enjoying it.

When I was ready I would tell Matt to get me ready for my lover. I would lie back on the pillows and watch the movie while my husband kissed and licked my pussy.
When I'd reached a nice level of sexual excitement I'd tell Matt to go get Richard. Matt would get the big rubber cock from my dresser and spend the next hour fucking me with it.
Eventually I'd tell Matt to lick my clit while Richard fucked me. Once we started that, it never took very long for Matt to bring me to an orgasm.
While I was recovering from my orgasm I would make Matt take Richard into the bathroom and wash him. When he was done he would put the rubber cock back in my dresser.
Now my lover was gone and Matt was allowed to lie on the bed. Our little game always ended with a blowjob for Matt.
Our little fantasy game might sound kind of weird to you, but both Matt and I really enjoyed it.
Near the end of January, I came home from school one afternoon and found Matt on our computer.
He quickly called me over. He'd found this internet site. I quickly pulled up a chair. We spent the entire evening exploring I knew the term cuckold from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, but I'd never encountered it in any other context. I immediately turned to Matt and told him that he was a fantasy cuckold.
He smiled and agreed.
We looked through some of the stories. We found one that we both really liked. It was very long. It was Sandra and Stevie a Cuckold Soap Opera. I am sure that some of you have encountered it.
As soon as we started reading it we both identified with the characters.
Matt felt he was a lot like Stevie. They weren't exactly the same. Matt’s taller, he's almost 5'10" and his cock is bigger, but they both suffer from premature ejaculation. Matt also admitted that he had the same submissive desires that Stevie had.
Matt and I both liked the fact that outside the bedroom Sandra and Stevie were smart strong willed individuals. Sandra was a law student. Stevie was a stock broker.
That first night we ate supper in front of the computer. We were both devastated when we got to the part where Stevie discovered Sandra at his friends house. I almost quit reading it at that point, but I kept on. I wanted to find out what happened.
That night we read until we got to the part where Sandra and Stevie got back together.
Matt and I didn't make love that night. We talked instead. The story was a catalyst for a lot of discussion for us.
We liked the fact that Sandra and Stevie loved each other so much. Matt and I were and still are deeply in love with each other.
We discussed whether or not it would be possible for me to relax with another man without hurting our marriage.
We also talked about Sandra and Stevie's dominant relationship. I asked Matt if he wanted to be my slave.
He told me that he'd like to explore it.
We talked until almost two in the morning. When we finally went to relax we both knew that the basic nature of our marriage was about to change.
The following evening Matt and I ate supper then powerd ourselves to study for two hours. At nine o'clock I shut my books and told Matt to turn on the computer.

We sat down and started reading. After a half hour I told Matt that Richard was coming over.
He got a big smile on his face. I told him to go take his shower and get the bedroom ready.
When Matt got out of the shower, I went into the bathroom and took mine.
When I walked into the bedroom a movie was playing on the television, the covers were turned down, but Matt wasn't sitting on the edge of the bed. Instead he was kneeling on the floor next to the bed.
I told him that I thought that was a pretty big hint.
He told me that he was hoping I would take it that way.
I lay down on the bed and told Matt to kiss my feet. He obeyed immediately. It was a real thrill when I felt Matt kiss my toes. Having another permister submit to you is rather exciting.
While Matt was kissing my feet I asked him if he wanted to kiss my ass.
The reamister that finding the story was such a big break through for us was that it gave us a framework for discussion. Asking Matt if he wanted to kiss my ass was a lot easier because we'd both just finished reading about Stevie doing it to Sandra and Julie.
Matt just smiled at me. I will never forget that smile. It was worth ten thousand words.
I reminded him about what it meant in the story. He told me that he understood that. It was why he wanted to do it.
In the story, Sandra makes it very clear to Stevie that when he kisses her ass he's submitting to her.
I rolled over on my stomach. I can't possibly describe to you how exciting it was when I felt Matt place his lips on my asshole. I let Matt lick me for a little while then I rolled over and told him that it was time to get me ready for Richard.
That started one of the most intense love making sessions we've ever had.
The following evening we ate dinner at the dining room table. After dinner I decided to try something. Generally Matt and I cleaned up the kitchen together. That night I told Matt to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen while I sat in the living room and watched a movie.
When he was done he came into the living room. I patted the spot next to me on the couch and told him to sit down.
I told him that we were still going to share the chores in the house. I didn't want Matt to be a real slave. but I told him that I thought it would be fun if one night a week he did become my slave. On those nights he would do all the chores in the house.
Matt agreed that it sounded like fun so we decided to try it.
I made him wash out my pantyhose while I watched a sex movie. Then I made him brush my hair. Ever since I can remember, I've loved having someone brush my hair for me.
When he was done I told him that Richard was coming over. Matt was so excited that he almost ran into the bathroom to take his shower.
Our life stayed pretty much the same for awhile. We played our fantasy cuckold game and toyed with some very mild domination.
Both Matt and I were happy. We both liked the way things were going.
The idea of my actually taking a lover was always in the back of our minds and sometimes we openly discussed it. We both always agreed that we should be very cautious in this area. Neither of us wanted to do anything that might damage our marriage.
In early February we went out to dinner with Matt's parents. They had a surprise for us. They were buying us tickets for a Caribbean cruise as a present for our first wedding anniversary. Our spring break happened to coincide with our anniversary.
We argued that this was a very expensive and very impractical gift. They were adamant. They argued that we were both going to school full time and working at part time jobs. We deserved a nice vacation.
We finally relented and accepted the gift.
Later when we drove home we were both very excited. A Caribbean cruise sounded wonderful to both of us.
The next month and a half passed quickly. We were both busy with school and work. When our spring break came we were ready for a vacation.
Friday night we flew to Mobile Alabama. Our ship was departing from there on Saturday afternoon.
Once we were aboard ship, we got settled in our stateroom and immediately went exploring. After wandering the ship for an hour I grabbed Matt's hand and told him that Richard was waiting in our stateroom.
We almost ran back to the room.
By the time we were done playing with Richard it was dinner time. We got dressed and went to the dining room.
We were placed at a table with six other guests. I was seated on Matt's right. Ed and June Miller, a middle aged couple from Peoria Illinois were seated on his left.
Frank and Barbara Cummings and their twelve year old mister Mark were seated directly across from us. The Cummings were from Memphis Tennessee.
A very handsome middle aged man named Brad Colby was seated on my right. Brad was alone.
Barbara Cummings and June Miller hit it off right away. They spent the entire dinner talking about interior decoration.
Matt, Ed Miller, Frank Cummings and Frank's mister Mark were all sports fanatics. All four of them jumped right into a discussion about the NCAA basketball tournament.
I turned to Brad and asked him what he did for a living. He told me he was a structural engineer. He traveled the world building bridges. He was divorced. His wife got tired of having an absentee husband.
This was his first vacation in two years. His company made him take it. He didn't know anyone. He was very worried that he was going to get bored.
We had takes and appetizers. Brad and I got to know each other. He was absolutely filled with fascinating stories. He'd built bridges on all seven continents.
The more I got to know this man, the more I was taken with him.
Our dinners arrived. While we were eating Matt commented that I seemed to be having a good time.
I told him that I was.
When we finished the main course I told Matt that I needed to go the ladies room. I asked him if he would come along and help me find it. I suppose that it was kind of a lame excuse, but I really wanted a minute alone with Matt.
We both excused ourselves. I asked Brad if he would tell the waiter that both Matt and I would like some coffee. I wanted to be sure that he knew we were coming back.
When we were well away from the table I dropped a bomb. I told Matt that Brad reminded me of Richard. This was of course a subtle way to let my husband know that I was seriously considering an attempt to get this man into bed.
Matt stared at me moment, then he smiled and asked if I was sure.
I told him that I wasn't sure. I'd just met Brad, but he was certainly an outstanding prospect. I asked Matt if it would be okay with him if I spent some time with Brad after dinner.
Matt was obviously very excited. He slowly nodded his head and told me to go ahead.
I stared at him and asked if he was sure.
He told me that he would never be absolutely sure, but he knew I loved him and he doubted that I would ever get a better opportunity to try this. He made it very clear that he wanted me to go ahead.
I told Matt that when we got back to the table I was going to ask him if we could go dancing after dinner. If he was really sure, he should tell me that he had his heart set on going to the casino. I would see if I could get Brad to take me dancing.
I stared at him and told him that if he wasn't sure he should tell me that he would love to take me dancing. We would excuse ourselves from the table after dessert and I would take him back to the room for another session with Richard. I wanted my husband to know that the final decision was his.
Brad stood up when we returned to the table. He was a gentleman.
There was a cup of coffee at my place and Matt's place. He was also considerate.
The waiter brought the dessert tray. Brad recommended the Creme Brulee.
I told him that I'd never had it before. He told both Matt and me that we'd love it. All three of us ordered it. It was wonderful.
While we were eating our dessert I asked Matt if we could go dancing after dinner.
Matt looked at me. This was the moment of truth. He told me that he had his heart set on going to the casino after dinner. He wanted to play some black jack.
I looked at Brad and asked him if he liked to dance.
He told me that he loved to dance, but he didn't want to cause any trouble between Matt and me.
Matt was wonderful. He told Brad that it wouldn't bother him at all if he took me dancing. He said that he would actually be doing him a favor. It would allow him to go to the casino without feeling guilty.
Brad smiled at Matt and told him that if he really didn't mind he would love to take me to one of the cabarets. He would love having some company for the rest of the evening.
Matt asked if it was okay with me that he went to the casino.
I told him that it was fine with me. It seemed like all three of us were getting what we wanted. He got to go play black jack, I got to go dancing and Brad had some company for the rest of the evening.
When we finished our dessert and coffee Matt stood up and excused himself. He was on his way to the casino.
I stood up and walked to the door of the dining room with him. When we got to the door I kissed his cheek and told him that I loved him.
He told me to have fun and not worry about him. He did ask me to call the room and let him know if I ended up spending the night with Brad.
I told him that I didn't think that was going to happen tonight. Tonight I just wanted to get to know Brad a little better.
I asked Matt if he was really going to go to the casino.
He told me that he was. He'd never been to one before. I cautioned him that we couldn't really afford to lose any money. He laughed and told me not to worry. He was even cheaper than I was.
I gave him a kiss and told him to have fun. He smiled and told me that if anything did happen tonight he wanted to hear all about it as soon as I got back to the room. He told me to wake him up if he was relaxing.
I told him that I would and asked him if he remembered how Sandra and Julie told Stevie about their dates when they got home.
Matt grinned and told me he remembered very well.
I told him that no matter what happens, I planned to do some face sitting when I got back to the room.
He told me that he couldn't wait.
I kissed him again and told him that the last thing I planned to do before we went to relax tonight was give him a blowjob.
Matt grinned and told me that he was going to hold me to that promise.
We went into the third cabaret. There was a small band playing a slow romantic ballad. It reminded me a little of the music they played at my high school prom.
I returned Brad's jacket and asked him if we could dance.
He put his blazer back on, took my hand and led me to the dance floor.
He very gallantly bowed and asked me if he could have this dance. I politely curtsied and accepted his invitation. This was all done in fun, but it had the effect of making me feel very comfortable.
Brad gently put his arm around me and placed his right hand between my shoulder blades. I rested my left arm in his arm and took his left hand with my right hand. We were in a classic ball room dancing position and Brad led me into a slow waltz.
This was the first time I had a chance to truly appreciate just how good a dancer Brad was. I got into an easy rhythm with him and it felt like we were gliding over the dance floor.
We danced like this for a little while then Brad gradually shortened our steps and pulled me closer to him. I responded and pressed my cheek against his chest.
Brad was a tall man. He was at least 6'2". I'm only 5'4". When he pulled me close to him he was able to envelope me in his arms. It felt good.
As we danced Brad slid his hand to the small of my back and pressed his hips against me. I suddenly realized that he had an erection.
I could tell that he had a big cock. I was excited. I wanted to see it. I wanted to touch it and play with it.
I stood on my tiptoes and whispered to him that he should take me to his room.
Brad nodded, took my hand and led me out of the cabaret.
Brad's stateroom was on the upper deck of the ship.
I was shocked when we walked inside. It was huge. There was a full sitting room and two large beds.
Brad noticed my reaction and told me to follow him. He pulled a curtain aside and opened a sliding glass door. There was a private balcony. We stepped outside. It was dark but the moon and the ship gave off enough light to see. The view was incredible.
Brad pulled me back inside the room, took me in his arms and kissed me. While we were kissing I felt his right hand move from my back to my left breast. I knew that if I was going to stop this, this was the moment.
I didn't want to stop. Instead I let my right hand drop to his crotch. Brad still had an erection and it was huge.
I remembered Matt's request to call him if I ended up in Brad's stateroom. I knew that if I didn't call right now, I wasn't going to.
I pushed Brad away and stepped back.
He stared at me with a puzzled look and asked me what was wrong.
I suddenly realized that he thought I was stopping him.
I told him everything was okay, I just wanted to call my husband. I told him that Matt asked me to call if I ended up spending the night with him. I smiled at Brad and added that it kind of looked like that might happen.
Brad just stared at me. After a moment I started to get uncomfortable.
Now it was my turn to as him what was wrong.
He told me that he was amazed. He didn't really believe me when I told him it was okay with Matt if I had a little fling.
I put up my hand and told Brad to listen.
I picked up his telephone and dialed our stateroom. Matt picked up the telephone after two rings. He was still awake.
Hi Matt its me.
Where are you?
I'm in Brad's room
You asked me to call you if I ended up spending the night with him. I think that's going to happen. Is it okay with you if I do that.
There was silence for a moment. Finally Matt answered me.
Yes it's okay. This is what we've been talking about for months. We both know its eventually going to happen. Do you like this guy?
Yes, he's very nice and I think he has a really big cock.
Matt laughed.
Matt I love you very much. Please remember that tonight.
I know you do Jenn. Don't worry I won't forget.
Matt after tonight you won't be a fantasy cuckold anymore
I heard him take a deep breath.
Matt I want you to promise me something.
What's that?
Promise me that you won't jack off tonight.
Okay, but why?
Because I want you really excited when I get home tomorrow morning. I’m going to sit on your face and tell you all about my evening.
Okay I promise, but it won't be easy.
I don't want it to be easy cuckboy.
I laughed, I get to call you that from now on.
Matt I have to go. Brad is waiting for me.
Alright, Jenn have a good time tonight.
Thanks Matt, I think I'm going to. Matt I love you so much. Don't ever forget that. I'll see you in the Morning.
When I hung up the telephone Brad was shaking his head. He told me that he never would have believed this if he hadn't just heard it with his own ears. He asked me how this could possibly happen.
I took a few minutes and told Brad an abbreviated version of the story I just told you.
When I got done telling the him the story Brad thought for a moment then asked me if this was really the first time we'd ever done this.
I told him that it was.
Brad took my hand and told me that the two of us were going to have to be very careful about hurting Matt's feelings.
I smiled at Brad and told him that was a very nice thing to say. Then I pushed him down on the bed and told him that he deserved a reward for being so nice and I knew just what it should be.

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